An integrated approach to fertilization

Systemix™ offers an integrated approach to fertilization. Our systemic liquid fertilizers use a combination of complex nutritional components to compose Tritium™ — a unique and revolutionary approach that combines a blend of natural chelating agents together with unique biostimulants and surfactants.
Specifically developed to stimulate various natural plant mechanisms that will maximize the absorption and the delivery of nutrients throughout the plant. Systemix™ products stimulate the turf’s metabolism, thereby increasing its vitality and ability to maximize growth and development, even in times of stress.

Uniformity of application and optimal coverage

Surfactants developed specifically for our Systemix™ fertilizers line increase foliar uptake and overall effectiveness of the products. They improve uniformity of application, foliage coverage and provide better contact and greater persistence of nutrients on the surface of the leaf blade.

Improved foliar uptake

Systemix™ fertilizers are formulated with natural chelating agents such as amino acids, carbohydrates and Carboxy™ organic acid that form links with nutrients to facilitate foliar uptake and increase their compatibility with other fertilizers or pesticides. Since they are coming from natural and low molecular weight sources they act as carriers. These chelating agents are more easily recognized and absorbed by the plant by transcuticular pores and stomata of the leaves. They are also used by plants and micro-organisms in the soil as a source of food.

Nutrient delivery system

Exclusive to Systemix™ fertilizers, our Tritium™ complex facilitates the delivery of nutrients in the phloem and xylem, activating the flow of sap to quickly translocate nutrients throughout different parts of the plant. It also improves mobility in the plant for the less mobile elements such as calcium and micronutrients.


Enabling root absorption
In addition to chelating agents, different biostimulants contained in Systemix™ fertilizers activate root absorption of nutrients and promote their transport in the xylem and phloem to ensure optimal plant growth, regardless of the conditions.

Systemix™ stimulates root growth and facilitates the root absorption of nutrients, even in times of summer stress